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Our team is constantly distracted and forced to deal with alcohol, e-cigarettes, drugs, bullying and social media issues.  These problems harm the student’s mental and physical health and disrupt their learning.  These complications also do irreversible damage to other students, staff and our communities.


LEAD empowered our students with facts, videos, and examples to make better decisions.  I received outstanding feedback from students about how Ron and Brad kept their attention, provided practical advice, and inspired them to change their behavior. 


I encourage every one of my colleagues to have LEAD at their school!


Dr. Zeb Jansante

Bethel Park High School Principal ​

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Talking about the affects of marijuana use and the deadly Heroin and Fentanyl use was absolutely necessary. The 5200+ overdose deaths last year in Pennsylvania was a powerful message to present to the students. As a former Special Agent and now a judge, you bring great credibility and specific front line - in the trench experience - that resonated.


I liked how the presentation ultimately evolved to a positive message for the students where you offered them a roadmap for success by displaying and talking about the 5 D's are the Keys for success: Direction, Distractions, Decisions, Discipline, and Development.


Representative Bill Kortz

PA House of Representatives for the 38th Legislative District

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I am so thrilled that the LEAD program is being made available to our local student bodies.  This one of a kind presentation relates to students on their level while educating them on a wide variety of hot topics cyberbullying, e-cigarettes, and social media.  It’s so important that our students are exposed to sometimes difficult discussions as well as exposure to the consequences of their actions. 


Representative Natalie Mihalek 

PA House of Representatives for the 40th Legislative District

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The program is not only interesting, but provides a great amount of guidance to the students.


Leadership – Education – Accountability – Direction; the topics of guidance to young people as they continue their educational and life’s journey, so that they may become responsible and productive individuals. 


Representative Harry Readshaw 

PA House of Representatives for the 36th Legislative District

Chair (D), Professional Licensure Committee

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We appreciate the opportunity to work cooperatively with organizations and programs, like LEAD, that encourage our students to practice responsible behaviors and decision-making. These partnerships are crucial to ensuring that students are equipped to successfully navigate challenging situations. 


Dr. John Rozzo


Upper St. Clair School District