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The LEAD Program Highlight Video

The "LEAD" Program

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Program Description

Our youth are talented, creative and overall have tremendous potential.  However, various negative forces including alcohol, e-cigarettes, drugs and cyberbullying are destroying teens lives.  These highly addictive substances and poor behavior are in many cases causing irreversible damage to students mental and physical health.


Our LEAD assembly is a one-of-a-kind approach that focuses on prevention.  We start the program by educating and empowering students with the facts about alcohol, e-cigarettes, drugs, and cyberbullying.  Then we inspire students to think about their biggest goals in life.


In the end, the life-changing message students receive is that their dreams are possible if they make the right decisions.  

Learning Outcomes ​​

  • Students learn about the facts and consequences of alcohol, drugs and social media.

  • Students eliminate risks by learning how to make decisions in compromising situations.

  • ​​​Students are provided resources to get the treatment or care they need.

  • Students are inspired to create a big vision for their life! 

  • Students are given strategies to achieve their goals! 

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