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Prevent Problems and Reach New Heights by Making Informed Decisions!
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Student Leadership
Who is "The LEAD Manual" For? - Students, Parents and Families in Middle School and High School
The Benefits of "The LEAD Manual"


  • Get Informed About Current Problems Students Face in Regards to Social Media, Alcohol and Drugs


  • Several Activities to Prompt and Engage Your Family in Meaningful Discussions to Prevent Problems


  • Take the Leadership Challenges to Set Goals for Your Life and Build Your Skills 


  • Get Inspired to Reach New Heights with the 5Ds to Success (Direction, Distractions, Decisions, Discipline, Development)  


  • Help is Available 24-7.  We have gathered valuable resources that are available 24/7 if you or someone you know is in need.

The electronic version of "The LEAD Manual" is provided to you at no cost because of our caring sponsors!

Why Students and Families Need "The LEAD Manual"

Our youth are talented, creative and have tremendous potential! 

However, various negative forces including alcohol, drugs and inappropriate use of social media are destroying their lives.  They are becoming addicted to these substances and causing irreversible damage to their mental and physical health.  Young people are also dying because of these harmful substances and behaviors.

Currently, our system focuses heavily on treating these problems after they occur.  We believe that we need to change our approach to investing heavily in prevention.  LEAD was created to stop problems before they occur! 

"The LEAD Manual" is a proprietary resource that was created by Judge Ron Arnoni and National Youth Speaker and Author Brad Killmeyer.  Copyright © 2019, All Rights Reserved to Leadership-Development LLC.

Testimonials for "The LEAD Manual"

My daughter was privately suffering from addiction.  She sought help and treatment as a result of "The LEAD Program."  I am forever grateful for the information, inspiring messages and useful resources that are provided by LEAD.

My husband and I both work full-time and our oldest is a sophomore.  We care deeply about our children but find it challenging to stay current with social media and other problems.  "The LEAD Manual" informed us about the issues (social media, alcohol, drugs) and guided us on what conversations we needed to have as a family.  We are all better prepared for future challenges!

Our son is quiet and rarely says much of anything about school.  One day he came home energized and asked what we thought about him getting a job and going to a summer camp.  We had been encouraging him to do both things for several months.  He told us about how he had seen "The LEAD Program" at school and was motivated to do more.  "The LEAD Manual" gave us practical recommendations on goal setting, decision making, and employment.  LEAD is wonderful!  

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