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Connecting the Classroom to Career Goals!

Our "LEAD" Program is Building Strong Communities One Student and Family at a Time!


Our youth are talented, creative and have tremendous potential! 


However, various negative forces including alcohol, drugs and inappropriate use of social media are destroying their lives.  They are becoming addicted to these substances and causing irreversible damage to their mental and physical health.  Young people are also dying because of these harmful substances.


Currently, our system focuses heavily on treating these problems after they occur.  We believe that we need to change our approach to investing heavily in prevention.  


LEAD was created to stop problems before they occur! 

"LEAD" is a Three-Tier Program

Substance Abuse

Vaping, Drugs and Alcohol

Social Media

Cyberbullying and Internet Safety

Leadership Skills

Accountability, Goal Setting, Decision Making

The Pittsburgh Penguins are Proud Partners of the "LEAD" Program
Judge Ron Arnoni - Leadership Development
Pittsburgh Penguins
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"LEAD" Program!
The Pittsburgh Building Trades has 16 different programs, offers excellent benefits and has tremendous career opportunities available.  The video below talks more about what they have to offer.  You can learn more at
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